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Adwerx Communications: marketing that gets results When we opened our doors in 1993, Adwerx wasnít starting from scratch. As individuals with years of experience in marketing, advertising, print, media, graphics, and communications, we discovered that we did our best work collaborating with each other. What started out as occasional consultation evolved into a full time team working together as Adwerx Communications. Over the years, a few strategies have emerged that define our approach: listen carefully to our clients; clearly identify the target audience; define specific goals and then create tools to achieve them; communicate simply; use powerful images and exciting language; keep an open mind; and even if itís good, it can probably be better. We are continually honing our skills and testing the results of our creativity. Our clients are businesses large and small from a vast range of industries. Their needs are as varied as their products and services and that helps us to stay flexible and informed. At Adwerx Communications our goal is to bring visibility to our clients when and where their customers are making decisions. The volume of our repeat and referral business is a measure of our success in achieving that goal. Call or e-mail us today. Letís talk about how an Adwerx strategy can amp up your business and reap some positive results for you.